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Udelnaya Flea Market


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Why & when. Opening and closing times

Do you want to bring home something authentic or unusual from Russia? Fine! This is your thing! The Fair 'at Udelnaya' in St Petersburg is the biggest flea market in Europe. If you follow our recommendations, you will have an interesting adventure and real Russian souvenirs.

Every weekend many people offers here thousands of old goods such as coins, badges, cameras, radio, vinyl records, books, tablewares and much more, incl Soviet Union era goods and world wars related items.

Please note!
You need to come there on Saturday or Sunday, from 9 AM to 3 PM!!!

Although the fair is open daily, but on other days you will find just 10 percent of goods and sellers. This is a long tradition - everyone comes here only on the weekend, the rest of the time there is nothing to do.

    • Bad weather forecast - strong wind and rain are not your allies. No heels!
    • No credit cards - cash only
    • Beware of pickpockets
    • Do not settle for the first bid. Ask for a discount
    • Don`t speak Russian? Use our dictionary
    • To avoid problems, ask permission to take pictures for any seller
    • Do not forget about customs rules
    Locals joke - 'you can buy here absolutely everything - from the used condom to the nuclear bomb'. Good luck!

    Excursions and Tours

    Dear Visitors!
    First we want to tell you that you do not need a guide for the flea market. What for? Just follow our recommendations above and everything will be fine!

    But, we also realized that you are not an ordinary tourist and you need something unusual! Right? Well..

    Of course, we have several excursions in English for you, but if you are a real researcher, you should not be afraid of difficulties. In fact, almost all Russian guys speak a little English and you can safely try something designed for locals. It will be a great adventure!

    For example, rooftop tours are very popular. If locations exclusively for English-speaking travelers are limited, then the choice of tours in Russian is much larger. Recommended to try! All you need is a little courage and an online translator (eg Google Translator) to understand the tour description and make a reservation.

    And one more thing! Almost all visitors to St Petersburg visit Peterhof to see the beautiful fountains and palaces. But no one knows (except you!) that you can fly over Peterhof by plane! Do you think it is very expensive? Only a little more than 150 dollars for three people! Well, let`s fly?

    Dear friends!

    We do everything to you get the most pleasure from travel to St Petersburg and not overpay! We know everything about our town and are ready to share our little and big secrets! More about us
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    We made sure you are the best tourist in the world☺and you like to visit unusual attractions. Want to see a different side of St. Petersburg even better? Maybe, would you like to сlimb to the rooftop of some of the city's beautiful buildings and get a bird's-eye pictures, or to experience some of the secrets of St. Petersburg on hidden walking tour? Or something else?
    Then we are pleased to present you the best excursions. Please remember our warning before any booking! Welcome!
    the best place to buy authentic souvenirs
    Fair at 'Udelnaya' subway
    in Saint Petersburg

    Exact Location GPS
    60°01'19.6"N 30°18'37.3"E or
    60.022123, 30.310350

    Exact city address

    Fermskoye shosse, 36
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    How to use this map - manual

    In Russian

    Фермское шоссе, 36

    In Latin letters - Rules of pronunciation


    Live sound in Russian
    how to get to Flea market at Udelnaya subway station in St Petersburg metro bus transfer taxi. Walking tours

    How to get to Flea Fair at 'Udelnaya'

    Choose the most suitable method for you. Can be combined!
    This is the best way! We do not recommend to go by bus or tram because it is long and uncomfortable. There is a big risk of getting into traffic jam.

    After exiting the metro, turn right - you will see the suburban train station building. Continue to the right of the station building along the railway about 100 meters. Go through the railway, turn right and go in this direction about 700 meters.

    Need a taxicab? Don`t worry - it's easy and inexpensive. Click on the tab `taxi` to learn more. However, we want to remind you that traffic in St Petersburg can be very dense, so if possible, we recommend that you use the metro for travel through city.
    Please note! Entrance to the metro stations in St Petersburg is open about from 05:40 till ..
    a) about 00:30 - for stations in city center
    b) till midnight - for stations in other parts of the city

    Change of lines is possible only until 00:15
    Official website of Subway is here
    To get more information about public transport of St Petersburg click here
    What you need to know about taxis in Russia and how to call a taxi without knowing Russian

    1) You can learn Russian
    2) You can learn this manual
    3) Or just book an inexpensive private transfer
    You need the address Fermskoye shosse, 36
    In Russian - Фермское шоссе, 36
    Russian pronunciation - FERMSKAYE SHASSE, TRITSAT` SHEST`
    Live sound is here

    Detailed instruction how to make the order correctly look here

    It should be remembered that traffic in St Petersburg can be very dense, so if possible, we recommend that you use the metro for travel through city.
    Taxi is the best way to travel at night or when public transport is not available. If you follow the safety rules and our recommendations, it will be easy and inexpensive.

    Taxis in Saint Petersburg

    the most common companies
    The largest aggregator of licensed taxi companies in Russia
    Payment methods / Order by (via)
    CASH -
    website - yes | app - yes | phone - yes
    CARD -
    website - NO | app - yes | phone - NO
    Call: phone - (+7812) 366 6666
    via website | via apps - Android or iOS
    The second largest aggregator of licensed taxi companies in Russia
    Payment methods / Order by (via)
    CASH - NO
    CARD -
    website - NO | app - yes | phone - NO
    Call: phone - NO, online only
    via website - NO | via apps - Android or iOS
    The biggest and popular taxi service in St Petersburg
    Payment methods / Order by (via)
    CASH -
    website - yes | app - yes | phone - yes
    CARD -
    website - yes | app - yes | phone - yes
    Call: phone (+7812) 33 000 02 or 333 0000
    via website | via apps - Android or iOS
    The second most popular taxi in St Petersburg
    Payment methods / Order by (via)
    CASH -
    website - yes | app - no | phone - yes
    CARD -
    website - yes | app - no | phone - yes
    Call: phone (+7812) 324 7777 or 068
    via website | via app - Android
    The most popular private transfer service in Russia
    Payment methods / Order by (via)
    CASH - YES
    CARD - YES
    Call: phone - NO, online (website) only
    Our choice
    Private transfer | or by Taxi
    This is an honest guide. Therefore, we do not recommend this service if your place of accommodation (or just pick-up point) is even in the city center and especially if it's somewhere nearby. In this case, it is much more better to order a regular taxi. Better yet, remember that the metro station is just two steps away from you.
    But but if the distance is large, for example, departure point is airport, then a private transfer is really a convenient and profitable option.

    transfer is a transportation service that is somewhat more expensive than a taxi. The advantages of a private transfer are - no problems with language, price is known in advance, driver will be waiting for you in the right place at the right time, holding a sign with your name.

    You can order a transfer with any service level - e.g. transfer for the family with children, economy minivan for a tourist group or a luxury transfer. The transfer cost is fixed at the time of pre-order and never rises - either when the driver is waiting for the passenger, when the stop is necessary, or because of traffic jams. By the way, the KiwiTaxi service is available in almost any country in the world from the United States to Australia. Remember about it on your next trip!
    Have questions? FAQ

    Fill out the form. By default, Primorsky District of Saint Petersburg (here is the Udelnaya Fair) and Pulkovo Airport are listed as the points of departure and destination. Replace the data in the form, if necessary. Specify address of your hotel / your location name. If the booking system cannot find your exact address, then first specify in the form the name of the district of St Petersburg as the point of departure or arrival (how to find out the name of the district) and next enter the exact address of departure / arrival in the next step of booking.

    Click here to see prices for all most popular transfer routes in St Petersburg

    Airport of St Petersburg (LED) - Pulkovo Airport Saint Petersburg
    Trains to/from Moscow, Tallinn - Moskovsky Train Station
    Trains to/from Helsinki, Vyborg - Finlyandsky Train Station
    Trains to/from Riga - Vitebsky Train Station
    Trains to/from Peterhof, Pskov - Baltiysky Train Station
    Trains to/from Russian North - Ladozhsky Train Station
    Main Cruise Harbour - Passenger Port Marine Facade
    Ferry Harbour (Moby - SPL) - Sea Terminal Saint Petersburg
    'Salt Pier' (river cruises) - Solyanoy Pier Saint Petersburg
    'Utkina Zavod' (river cruises)
    - Utkina Zavod Pier
    Main Bus Station - Saint Petersburg Bus Station
    Fountains of Peterhof - Peterhof
    Catherine Palace - Pushkin
    Our choice
    1. Yandex Taxi
    Yandex Taxi - call a cheap cab in St Petersburg
    Yandex Taxi Note - this is not a carrier, but the largest aggregator of licensed taxi companies in Russia. The service is available in all major cities. Yandex Taxi owns Uber Russia subdivision. Cars can reach you very quickly.

    To order a taxi in St Petersburg, call (+7812) 366 6666 or fill out the online form on the website (attraction address is listed as destination) and also on mobile apps Google Play or iOS
    The total cost of the trip is fixed and will be calculated immediately, based on the data you provide.

    To correctly fill out the forms or order by phone / on the street, use our instructions, both general (above) and for 'Taxovichkof' company (below) - they are similar.
    2. Taxovichkof
    Taxovichkof - Cheap taxi in St Petersburg
    Taxovichkof is the biggest and popular taxi service in St Petersburg. Taxovichkof taxis are located throughout the city. This allows timely responses which will exceed your expectations. Cars can reach you within 5 minutes across St. Petersburg

    To order an inexpensive taxi in St Petersburg, call (+7812) 33 000 02 or 333 0000 or fill out the online form on the website or on mobile apps. The total cost of the trip is fixed and will be calculated immediately, based on the data you provide. Online order up to 30% cheaper

    To learn more, calculate cost of the trip and order a taxi, you can download the mobile app on App Store or Google Play, or go to the website
    How to make an order correctly

    E-Visa for St. Petersburg

    From October 1, 2019 entry to Russia and stay up to 8 days in St Petersburg and suburbs can be made on the basis of free electronic visas via the checkpoints located in the region of St Petersburg and Leningrad region.
    To find out the complete rules and apply online, click on the button
    Useful phrases in Russian
    | Note - Pronunciation
    Want to know more? All basic phrases in Russian
    English-Russian online translator and vocabulary. How to ask in Russian. Useful phrases in Russian.
    How to ask something in Russian, if you don`t know a single word in Russian? There is an exit! We have collected for you all necessary words and phrases in English and translated them into Russian.

    Open the dictionary and click the desired phrase or word. You will see the translation into Russian, as well as the phrase in Russian in Latin letters. Dashes below indicate stress (accent) a certain syllable in a word.

    Pay attention to the rules of pronunciation. Transliteration is given for the classical Latin alphabet and does not match with the rules of orthography and pronunciation of English.

    If you doubt the correct pronunciation, click on the live audio link in Russian
    Link to sound
    You will be presented with a short slide show with the correct pronunciation from a native speaker.
    Metro station 'Udelnaya'

    Метро Удельная

    Link to sound
    How to get to ..?
    [ KAK DABRATSA DO ..? ]

    Как добраться до ..?

    Link to sound
    Shop / Supermarket / Fair (market)
    Shop - [ MAGAZIN ]

    Supermarket - [ SUPERMARKET ]

    Fair / Market - [ RYNAK ]

    Магазин / Супермаркет / Рынок

    Link to sound
    Hi / Hello!
    [ PRIVET ! ]


    Link to sound
    Do you speak English?

    Вы говорите по английски?

    Link to sound
    I don't speak Russian

    Я не говорю по русски

    Link to sound
    How much it this?
    [ SKOLKA ETA STOIT ? ] -

    Сколько это стоит?

    Link to sound

    additional info
    Figures are here, and the currency converter is here

    See also:
    Money and payments in Russia

    Very expensive! Too expensive!
    Very expensive -

    Too expensive -

    Очень дорого / Слишком дорого

    Link to sound
    I`m buying it!

    Я это покупаю !

    Link to sound
    Yes / No
    [ DA / NET ]

    Да / нет

    Link to sound
    Ok! / Good!
    [ KHARASHO ]


    Link to sound
    Please, ...
    [ PAZHALUSTA ], ...
    , ...

    Пожалуйста / Будьте добры

    Link to sound
    I want... / I need...
    [ YA KHACHU .. ] - I want ..

    [ MNE NUZHNA .. ] - I need ..

    Я хочу / Мне нужно

    Link to sound
    How much? / How many?
    [ SKOLKA ? ]


    Link to sound
    Big / Small
    [ BAL`SHOY ] - big

    [ MALYENKIY ] - small

    Большой / Маленький

    Link to sound
    How do you say it in.. (Russian)?

    Как это будет по..(русски)?

    Link to sound
    What's this? / What it is?
    Что это такое..?

    Links to chapters:
    Shop / Market and Cafe / Restaurant

    Link to sound
    Repeat, please

    Повторите, пожалуйста

    Link to sound
    Slower (please)

    [ pazhalusta ]

    Помедленнее (пожалуйста)

    Link to sound
    I don't understand

    Я не понимаю

    Link to sound
    Thank you (very much) !
    [ (Balshoye) SPASIBA ! ]

    (Большое) спасибо!

    Link to sound

    До свидания!

    Link to sound
    Bye (bye-bye) / So long !
    [ PAKA (paka-paka) ! ]

    Пока (пока-пока)!

    Link to sound



    Dear travelers! Have a nice trip!
    Hope that we have worked for you not in vain.
    Thank you and see you in Russia!
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