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Welcome | Contact | Контакты
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Welcome | Contact | Контакты
© InRussian | All Rights Reserved
Welcome | Contact | Контакты
© InRussian | All Rights Reserved

Welcome to Russia!

Dear friends!
We are pleased to present to you a unique helper to travel through our beautiful and hospitable country. Here you will find information that is not found in any official guidebook. Discover Russia anew!
Russian SIM card
How and where to buy

We do two most important things
to bring home from a trip.
Your memories and your photos!

The best pictures in your albums are our main mission!
Do not spend time searching for a place to take iconic photos. We show you only top spots and specify absolutely exact coordinates! This is all the more useful for you, because this does not always match with the exact location of the sights itself!
How can we help you?

Do you already know where you would like to take a photo? Fine!
If you have not made your choice, see please our list of sights. Highly likely™ you will find something interesting ☺
We show you a secret place with an accuracy of 1 meter and tell you all ways how to get to it.
As much detail as possible, including public transport and taxi
But that's not all!
We indicate the best time to shoot! So you can get the best pictures to remember your adventures when get home and enjoy memories!
To search points of interest, select one of the tabs:
Main Attractions - Unknown Sights - Events & Activities
Or simply click 'GUIDEBOOK' in the main menu

In addition, to see what you can get near your location, tap the direction icon.
Choose landmarks that you like and plan own itinerary!

Do you speak Russian?
Highly likely™ not...

How to ask or how to buy something without knowing a word in Russian?
Now this is not a problem! We collected all useful words and phrases in English and translated them into Russian.

Just on any page, select in the menu 'PHRASEBOOK' and click on the desired tab. If doubt the correct pronunciation, you will be presented with a short slide show with the correct pronunciation from a native speaker. Enjoy!
You made the right decision by choosing Russia.
We will not disappoint you!
Public transport and taxi
Detailed instructions about traffic in your city. How to buy a single ticket or long-term travel card. How to call a taxi or private transfer without knowledge of Russian and how to not overpay.
How to buy a local SIM card
Where to buy, carriers and packages - what to choose, topping up, useful phrases in Russian. Even if you are making a short trip to Russia, we recommend to buy it and not to overpay for calls and data connections.
All you need (is our love!)! ☺
How to get to - airlines, ferries, trains, buses (incl between cities of Russia). Where to stay - accomodation (just in case). Any tickets and excursions. Also useful tips, lifehacks and even .. drinking toasts in Russian!