Visa rules check for entry into Russia
Please note!

Here we do not consider special cases, for example, the possibility of visa-free entry for cruise passengers (we will discuss this later). At this stage, we give an answer (yes or no) whether you can come to St. Petersburg without a visa, without fulfilling any additional conditions.

TRAVELDOC - is a special database in which visa restrictions are checked by almost all airlines at check-in. For check indicate the country of the start of the trip (origin) and destination (Russia), the date of entry and exit (departure/return), transit countries (multisegment), your citizenship and the validity of your travel passport.

Just in case, you can check the information on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry*
Please, pay attention to the types of passports (general, diplomatic, others) that are subject to certain rules and restrictions.

* - Link above this is a translated page. Here is the original page in Russian
List of countries whose citizens
can visit St. Petersburg by E-Visa

  1. Austria
  2. Andorra
  3. Bahrain
  4. Belgium
  5. Bulgaria
  6. China (including Taiwan)
  7. Croatia
  8. Cyprus
  9. The Czech Republic
  10. Democratic People's Republic of Korea
  11. Denmark
  12. Estonia
  13. Finland
  14. France
  15. Germany
  16. Greece
  17. Hungary
  18. Iceland
  19. India
  20. Indonesia
  21. Iran
  22. Ireland
  23. Italy
  24. Japan
  25. Kuwait
  26. Latvia
  27. Lithuania
  28. Liechtenstein
  29. Luxembourg
  30. Malaysia
  31. Malta
  32. Mexico
  33. Monaco
  34. The Netherlands
  35. North Macedonia
  36. Norway
  37. Oman
  38. Philippines
  39. Poland
  40. Portugal
  41. Qatar
  42. Romania
  43. San Marino
  44. Saudi Arabia
  45. Serbia
  46. Singapore
  47. Slovakia
  48. Slovenia
  49. Spain
  50. Turkey
  51. Sweden
  52. Switzerland
  53. Vatican
Health insurance and ambulance in Russia
Dear travelers!

At the time of entry to Russia, you must have a medical insurance policy valid for the entire stay in Russia!

Highly likely, the border guard will check only three documents - passport, visa and migration card, but you must have and present an insurance policy upon request. If you cannot provide a valid insurance, you will be denied entry to Russia.

You should know that EMERGENCY medical aid in Russia is absolutely free, regardless of your citizenship, available ID or insurance. But, if for medical reasons it is necessary to continue treatment in-hospital, then you need a valid health insurance policy or ... a lot of money.

How to call an ambulance in Russia without knowledge of Russian. Very important information

You can buy an insurance policy in your company or choose a Russian heath insurance policy. In this case, you can be absolutely sure that Russian hospitals will accept it.

To not forgot about it in your holiday bustle before the trip, it is best buy a policy online now, only in 2 min from a reliable Russian company for only a couple of euros.
Please note!
The best pictures in your albums are our main mission. Therefore, we specify just coordinates for photograph. This does not always match with the exact location of the sights!
For example, the best images of the Eiffel Tower in Paris are made not at the location of the tower itself

How to come to St Petersburg visa free
Three ways to do it

Online helper for travelers

Citizens of any country arriving in St Petersburg from abroad by water transport are eligible for a 72-hour visa-free stay! This is a great offer and a unique opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and the world!

Please note! Only the 'I need a visa for entry Russia, but I do not want to waste time on applying for it' case is considered here! Check just in case. Perhaps, you do not need a entry Russian visa or you have the right to receive a free electronic visa

The fact is that the special visa-free regime for ship passengers has several serious restrictions. You must clearly tell the border guard that you are using (not using) a special visa-free regime for ship passengers. If you use this particular option, you must follow the rules and restrictions for a special visa-free regime for the entire stay, even if you have a valid visa (incl e-visa).

So, you can come to St. Petersburg without a visa in three ways.
on a sea cruise ship
buy a regular or cruise package of ferry tickets
buy a special river tour from Finland

Let's compare these methods and find out all their advantages and restrictions!

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Traveling by ferry is a good and not very expensive way to get St. Petersburg without a visa. This option is more suitable for independent travelers whose goal is to be more flexible, to be free to choose places of accommodation and excursions. Besides if you plan your trip correctly, you can save a fair amount of money! However, there are several important things and limitations that you must remember.
✱ The Moby-St Peter Line is the only one that currently operates routes to/from St. Petersburg. The route is served by only one fairly old ship, in addition, it should be remembered that this is not a real cruise superliner, but just a sea shuttle. Read trip reviews from TripAdvisor to understand 'Where does the rabbit hole go and how deep is it'. But given the possibility of entry Russia without a visa, one should not be too strict.
✱ Even a 72 hour visit is too little for such a fantastic city like St. Petersburg. Therefore, we recommend increasing your stay if possible. A great option is an electronic visa. Or, maybe you do not need a visa to visit Russia at all? Check this!
✱ The most budgetary way to come to St. Petersburg without a visa is to buy ferry tickets or a cruise package FROM FINLAND. How to find cheap flights to Helsinki? It's here. To save even more - use our TRAVEL PLANNER
✱ Also, you can buy a big ferry cruise to the four Baltic capitals with departure from any port. In addition to St Petersburg, the cruise package includes Helsinki (Finland), Stockholm (Sweden) and Tallinn (Estonia). In all harbours, the ferry stops for one day (except for a very short stop in Tallinn on the route from Helsinki to Stockholm via Tallinn). For Helsinki, Stockholm and Tallinn, this is quite enough. But for St. Petersburg this is too little. Therefore, if you buy a cruise with short (one-day) stop, our advice is not to run from one museum to another at the speed of Usain Bolt. Choose one or two attractions and be sure to plan your free time for walks and restaurants.
✱ However, if your main target is St Petersburg, then the best solution, in our opinion, is to buy a ticket for a special visa-free cruise with long (2 nights) overstop in St Petersburg (then mandatory departure to Tallinn). Available from Helsinki (direct route), Stockholm (one-day overstop Helsinki) and Tallinn (one-day overstops Stockholm, Helsinki). You can end the journey both in the port of departure and in another harbour (except St Petersburg).
✱ Since only one boat is available, the ferry leaves from St Petersburg and Helsinki on different days in different directions. Please, learn schedule before buying tickets. Choose your arrival and departure dates so, that you have enough time in St Petersburg, but do not violate visa-free (72-hour stay) rule.
Various additional services, for example, meal or drink packages, are better and cheaper to buy in advance online. Read our other advices and life-hacks too.
✱ Visa-free passengers are not allowed entry to Russia by (with) own car, motorcycle or bicycle. Only 'On foot'.
✱ The territory of stay is limited within St. Petersburg only! You can visit such suburbs as Peterhof, Pushkin (Catherine Palace), Pavlovsk, Strelna (Konstantinovsky Palace), Oranienbaum, Kronshtadt (are part of St. Petersburg), but it is forbidden to visit, for example, Gatchina (located outside St. Petersburg). In practice, you can go beyond the specified restrictions, but this is entirely your risk.
✱ You must leave St. Petersburg in the same way (in this case - on the same ship!) as you arrived.
Unlike visa holders (incl e-visa), the duration of stay for visa-free passengers is limited to 72 hours, which is calculated exactly according to the time of entry/exit passport control. Therefore, do not be late for boarding. Otherwise, you will have big problems.
✱ All visa-free passengers are required to purchase a shore tour from a licensed operator. It is necessary to present confirmation when passing passport control.
Note! Life-hack! For ferry passengers it's enough to buy the cheapest CityBusTour, which many use only as a transfer to the city center. Then do what you want!
Note! Do not pay attention to the hotel reservation requirements indicated on this link. Details below
✱ If you buy the tour not from carrier, for example from Viator or from GetYourGuide or from any another authorized operator, we strongly recommend doing this in advance, no later than 4 days before arrival at the port of St Petersburg. The tour organizer must have time to provide information about you to the border authorities of Russia.
✱ All visa-free ferry passengers (except of those who make a short one-day stop without accommodation on shore) are required to book a hotel (hostel, apartment) for the entire stay and provide a printed confirmation when passing passport control.
Attention! Life-hack about the rules of stay (authorized hotels, registration rules and much more) read below!
✱ MOBY-St Peterline terminal or 'Ferry Passenger Port' is located quite far from the city center and main attractions. Connection by public transport is not very convenient, If you return to the port yourself - you need to get to harbour from the metro by bus.

Therefore, most likely you will have to take a taxi or private transfer to the pier or buy a tour with included round trip transfers.
Note. Sometimes, the arrival and departure of the ferry transferred to the port for the large cruise ships 'Marine Facade'. Check actual schedule, news and changes and choose the right points for ordering a taxi or private transfer
✱ And something else. A very important trifle. To get ashore you must have, among other things, a medical insurance policy. If you forgot about it in your holiday bustle, buy a policy online right now from a reliable Russian company for only a couple of euros.
Ferry to St Petersburg. Trip planner
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Plan your travel. With rare exceptions, the ferry moves along the next route, making one-day short stops at the indicated ports: Helsinki → St Petersburg → Helsinki → St Petersburg → Tallinn → Stockholm → Helsinki. Please remember, since only one boat is available, the ferry leaves from St Petersburg and sometimes from Helsinki on different days in different directions.

Decide how long you want to stay in St. Petersburg - one day, three days (two nights) or more. Next, learn schedule and choose one of the three options most suitable for you.

Short stop on route HEL - STP - HEL or
Short stop on route HEL - STP - TAL or
Two nights stay on route HEL - STP - TAL (our choice for visa-free travelers)
Other options for visa (incl e-visa) holders, if applicable

By default, as the most cheap option, Helsinki is specified as the outbound port. If your journey starts at ports other than Helsinki, just select the appropriate menu item and do similar.


PAY ATTENTION! Although this manual is mainly intended for visa-free passengers (in other words, you need a visa to enter Russia, but you want to cancel this rule for yourself), the information provided will be useful to all categories of travelers.

If you are an holder of an e-visa or regular visa, as well as if your citizenship allows you to enter Russia without a visa by any means of transport, just read the special notes! Some restrictions apply only to visa-free passengers using the 72-hour rule.

Important! If your journey end not in St. Petersburg and you buy all tickets at the same time (cruise/round trip/different route), then in all packages(!), by default, will be added a CityBusTour for visa-free passengers. Therefore, you can book tickets through any tab, and not only via 'Visa Free' tab. Why do you need a CityBusTour and is it possible to refuse it, read below

If you are traveling from Helsinki and to Helsinki (round trip, direct or via Tallinn and Stockholm) with a short one-day stop in St. Petersburg, book your tickets via 'Cruises to St Petersburg' tab. The price of a package purchased in this way is usually cheaper than a 'hand-made route' booked via other tabs.

Even if your journey begins and ends in other ports, we recommend to 'play with website' and, just in case, check the prices via different tabs.

Please note! Visa-free passengers are allowed to enter Russia only 'on foot'. When using 72-hour visa-free rule, your car and even your bike will stay at home.
If you want to stay in St Petersburg for 2 nights or more, then select 'Visa Free' tab and next select the option 'Different Route' (click image)
Note. If you want to refuse a CityBusTour (included by default),
see here how to do it

Specify your nationality (citizenship of other passengers is indicated at the end of the booking procedure), the number and age of passengers, outbound and return routes, estimated dates (click picture) of the trip. Then click the SEARCH button.
Visa-free travel by ferry with overstop in St Petersburg. Find cheap tickets
Route selection and filling in primary data
Next select the exact dates. Please, do not forgot about 72 hour rule for visa-free passengers or the 8 day rule for e-visa holders, if it applicable to your trip.

Select cabin type(s) and add the required quantity to the basket.

Select and add the meal package to the basket. It is cheaper than paying on board.

At any stage of the reservation you can change any data. Just click BACK.
Book ferry trip to St Petersburg without a visa
Choosing exact outbound/return dates

The carrier offers various additional options. Some are indeed reasonable and necessary, but some are clearly excess and (or) their cost is unreasonably expensive. Let's take a closer look at what is really needed and what can be refuse.

We will consider additional options and their real usefulness for travelers in the order in which they are offered by the ferry company, with the exception of the CityBusTour, since it is included in almost all packages by default.

City Bus Tour
Important! All visa-free passengers are required to purchase a special coastal tour from a certified operator!
The most popular additional option for any ferry passengers, with or without visas, is a bus CityBusTour
And that's why.

First, CityBusTour is the most inexpensive and affordable mandatory shore package for visa-free travelers. Formally, you are not required to buy a coastal tour from a ferry carrier only. You can book a mandatory shore tour for example from GetYourGuide or Viator (no later than 4 days before arrival in St. Petersburg) or any other authorized agency.

But in practice, such offers (tours from the ferry terminal) are few. It is because of the cheapness and popularity of the CityBusTour. Other offers are not in demand.

The ferry terminal is located far enough from the main attractions and metro stations. To get somewhere, you would need to use public transport or a taxi. It is not always comfortable and, in addition, lost precious time, especially valuable for 'one-day' passengers. The CityBusTour solves this problem as, in fact, it is a shuttle between the ferry terminal and the city center.

You might think that the service is expensive - 25 EUR per adult. Not really! You can use the service an unlimited number of times while you are in St. Petersburg. Buses operate on a hop-on-hop-off system and are moving with an interval of approx 30 minutes. Route and schedule
That is why this package is bought even by those for whom it is not obligatory.

With all the benefits, there are two problems that should not be forgotten. These are traffic jams and vehicle capacity. The route is usually served by minibuses (possibly no places) and due to traffic jams, the schedule is often not respected. When traveling from the port, this is not a problem. However, it is wrong to come back 'at the last minute' and you must always have a SOS option
Check the availability of the CityBusTour in the basket by clicking 'ADDONS' tab (not Excursions!). Usually this package is added by default for all specified passengers and it is impossible to refuse it. Discounts for children are calculated automatically.

How to refuse a CityBusTour if you don't need it? Only three ways!
a) Your ferry trip ends in St Petersburg. Book tickets via 'One-Way Voyage' tabs
b) There must be more than 72 hours/3 days between arrival to StP and departure from StP (not suitable for visa-free passengers!)
c) Buy tickets to StP and from StP separately, not in one session (via ONE WAY tab)

Book City Bus Tour for visa-free ferry passengers to St Petersburg
CityBusTour. Check booked items
Priority Exit & Excursions
Order items and check booked items on the tab 'EXCURSIONS'
Priority Exit. We recommend that you buy this option only if you arrive and leave St Petersburg on the same day. In this case, every minute is really precious for you, and passport control takes some time. You can buy this option for several ports at once. It will be cheaper than buying an option for each port separately.

If you are staying in St Petersburg for a few days, then we consider this option optional and you can refuse it without much damage to your stay on the coast.

Immediately our main advice for one-day tourists. Do not run from one museum to another at the speed of Usain Bolt. Do not try to be everywhere. This will only spoil your impressions of your stay in St Petersburg.

Just walk around the city, along the beautiful streets and embankments, take great photos, visit cafes and restaurants. It will be the best solution! If you 'certainly want to go inside', then select one or two attractions. And to get around the queue, choose those, where you can buy tickets online or there are ticket machines at the entrance.
If this is not possible, then you can get around the queue by ordering an excursion or buying a tour. Good thing to visit matching the specified conditions is The Church of the Savior on Blood

This advices (above) is also valid for those, who stay in St Petersburg for a couple of nights. In almost all major museums you will meet a lot of visitors, which means waiting in long lines. Therefore..

Excursions. To buy or not to buy excursions from the ferry company?

This is a difficult question. Of course, the choice is yours, but the problem is not so much the high cost (do not forget that any tour from the carrier is a pass to the shore for visa-free passengers), but that it takes a lot of time, which is especially bad for 'one-day' travelers.

You will not have the freedom to choose a route and there will be no free time. Therefore, our recommendation is to plan walks and buy excursions on your own. And we will help you with this.
Drinks. Greeting Options. Transfers.
Order items and check booked items on the tab 'ADDONS'
In our opinion, this is the most useless tab, and you can skip it to save your time and money. But just in case, see for yourself.

Transfers. How so? After all, we said that a CityBusTour is one of the most useful and popular options! This is true. But it's also true that this option is most likely already added to the cart. And it was done automatically. How to refuse this option, see there too

If the CityBusTour has not been added by default, then here you are offered a a shuttle from the ferry terminal to the city center. By the way, finding this option is not so simple. It is under the heading CONF SERVICE. You would never have guessed!

But the conditions are a little different. If the CityBusTour works every day for visa-free passengers, then the shuttle is just a shuttle. And the cost of 25 EUR per person in this case is clearly overpriced. It is much more convenient and cheaper to order a taxi or private transfer. Here's how to do it

Drinks. As you can see, alcohol on board is very expensive. Therefore, if you like to booze, then you may be interested in the 'all-inclusive' package. But this is not cheap too. Especially, if you remember, that beer and wine are included without quantity restrictions in the dinner package (search via 'Meals' tab).

Greeting Options. Too expensive. Of course, maybe you are newlyweds and make a honeymoon trip or celebrate a birthday with friends. But we talk about how to save money! And these prices will seem normal only if you get an inheritance from grandmother. Or dad-banker gave you an unlimited platinum bank card.

If you have not booked your trip, then it's time to do it!
Hotel Rooms
Order items and check booked items on the tab 'HOTELS'
About the rule for booking authorized hotels only via 'Moby St Peterline' website.
These restrictions do not apply to visa (incl e-visa) holders or travelers who do not need a visa to entry Russia!

If you order a visa-free package with a two-night stop in St. Petersburg, you must present at the request of the border officer a valid confirmation of the reservation. Although the carrier insists on booking only via its own website and reports possible penalties and even announces a ban/non-admission on boarding - do not believe this. You have every right to book a hotel yourself.

We are not aware of any real sanctions by the carrier. No one will check the confirmation of reservations upon boarding. Think for yourself, checking the papers of several thousand people is technically impossible. Read reviews on travel forums, such as the TripAdvisor, and you will not find a single fact of denied embarkation, even if the traveler had a AirBnb reservation.

But, why does the carrier do this so? Nothing personal! Just a (Italian ☺) business! The answer is very simple! The fact that the carrier will receive a reward. Note that the carrier offers only quite expensive hotels - great reward for a great price!

And do you know, why is AirBnb so 'categorically banned'? Because the carrier will not receive a reward - that's the whole secret!

The border officer doesn't care where you stop and through which platform you made your reservation. However, if suddenly someone of the ferry's personnel will demand to present a 'correct confirmation', say that you will file a complaint about their illegal actions.

Are you afraid of the special rules for registering at a hotel or other accommodation placements reported by the ferry company or someone else? Just read our guide by clicking on this button below, and you will understand that there is nothing to worry about.
Almost done! Check & Pay!
Check booked items and pay for your trip
Just in case, check all the reserved options and, if need, add the necessary ones or delete the unnecessary ones. Fill in the data of all passengers and pay the invoice.

Congratulations! A trip to St Petersburg is almost in your pocket! However, something else remained. Maybe you have not thought about it yet, but it is very important! Let's perform a preflight checklist together!
Preflight Checklist
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The cheapest ferry rates for visa-free travel to St. Petersburg are applied for departures from Helsinki. Therefore, you must also find cheap flights to Helsinki. This is not difficult. Many airlines, including low-cost airlines, fly to Helsinki Airport. The most famous, perhaps, Norwegian Air Shuttle

In addition, Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is one of the largest transport hubs. You will find great deals on flights not only to Europe, but also to North America and Asia.
If your sea voyage begins (or ends) not in Helsinki, then here are the links to search for cheap tickets to/from Tallinn and Stockholm
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Overstop in Helsinki
You do not need an overnight stay in Helsinki. And that's why. Your ferry is your hotel. And further. We love Finland, but according to the travelers rating, Helsinki is the most boring city in Europe. And here we agree. All the sights of Helsinki can be seen in half a day. Remember that Finnish hotels and hostels are very expensive! But we will help you save at least half price and get for this money not only an overnight stay, but also a little adventure!

If you still necessary to spend an inexpensive night in Helsinki, buy a mini cruise to Tallinn and back (no disembarkation in Tallinn)! Cabin for 2-4 people costs almost nothing and excellent dinner with wine/beer (buffet) on board will cost about 30 EUR per person. Daily departures at approximately 9-10 pm and arrivals back at approximately 8-10 am in the morning. Always check actual schedule! We recommend:
accommodation hotels in st petersburg russia cheapest deals and best offers
Stay in Saint Petersburg
If you bought a visa-free package with a two-night stop in St. Petersburg, you must present at the request of the border officer a valid confirmation of the reservation. Although the carrier insists on booking only via its own website and reports possible penalties and even announces a ban/non-admission on boarding - do not believe this. You have every right to book a hotel yourself. To learn more

Maybe, you have heard something about the rule of mandatory registration at accommodation place in Russia. Good news for you! In Russia there is a rule of notification of the place of stay after arrival in the country. But! You must do this if the length of stay is at least 7 work days.

Visa-free stays are limited up to 72 hours. E-visa stays are limited to 8 calendar days. Therefore, this is minus one problem, forget it and enjoy the journey. But even if your stay in Russia exceeds the specified limit, then this is not your problem too! No secrets - the registration procedure is the obligatory for hotel staff or other accommodation place, not yours.

Even if the owner 'forgets' to register you, YOU will not face any fines. No one, neither the border guards, nor the police will demand this document from you. We repeat, this is a hotel report to the authorities. Why does anyone need this at all? In this way, the authorities restrict illegal migration. Do you want to know all the details, as well as our recommendations and tips where to stay and what to choose? READ HERE

So, YOU CAN to make a reservation yourself and use, for example, the most famous platform for reservation accommodation -, or any other.
We recommend try Hotellook. This is the largest, well-known Russian search engine, where offers of all operators, even Russian, even AirBnb are presented. Besides, prices are often lower than even on Booking
buy a medical insurance policy for travel to Russia
Insurance. Did not you forget?
Highly likely, the border guard will check only the first-level documents - passport, visa or papers replacing visa. But you must have and present an insurance policy upon request. No Martini Policy? No Party Entry!

At the time of entry to Russia, you must have a medical insurance policy (as well as a car insurance policy - if you are traveling by car) valid for the entire stay in Russia.
You can buy an insurance policy in your insurance company. But if you forgot about it in your holiday bustle, you can buy a policy online right now from a reliable Russian company for only a couple of EUR/USD.

By the way, this is even a little more reliable. Emergency medical aid in Russia is absolutely free of charge, regardless of your citizenship, available ID or insurance. But if is necessary to continue treatment in-hospital...Therefore, it's easier to arrange formalities with a Russian insurance company, while in Russia.
Marine terminals in St Petersburg
Enter in fields by hand or copy and paste (bold font)
Street / Улица
Eng → bereg Nevskoy Guby V.O.
Rus → берег Невской Губы В.О.
Building / Дом
Terminal 1
1 lit. A ←Eng I Rus→ 1 лит. А
Terminal 2
1 lit. V ←Eng I Rus→ 1 лит. В
Terminal 3
1 lit. D ←Eng I Rus→ 1 лит. Д
Terminal 4
1 lit. K ←Eng I Rus→ 1 лит. К

By phone / On the street
Say to the driver or operator
Russian pronunciation
or (and) show adress in Russian (above)

Enter in fields by hand or copy and paste
Street / Улица
Eng → pl. Morskoy Slavy
Rus → пл. Морской Славы
Building / Дом

By phone / On the street
Say to the driver or operator
Russian pronunciation
or (and) show adress in Russian (above)
МОРСКОЙ ВОКЗАЛ (Паромный Терминал)

В.О., Площадь Морской Славы, 1
(угол Большого пр. В.О. и Наличной ул.)


Please show this address in Russian to the driver and say

If you are in a hurry and take a taxi right on the street, remember our warnings about illegal taxi drivers. Never, NEVER use their services even if you are late! On the street, choose only branded cars! A car without a company logo and with a sign in English on window 'Taxi Vacant' is a 100 percent SCAMMER!

Even from far areas of St. Petersburg, a fair tariff is unlikely to exceed 1 000 rubles
How to get to harbour - public transport taxi and private transfers in St Petersburg Russia
Get to the city from the pier
Please note! 'Princess Anastasia' ferry is usually moored at the 'Sea Terminal' (Morskoy Vokzal). But, sometimes, for technical reasons, it may be the port of the 'Marine Facade'. In this case, read the instructions here.
Be sure to check with the carrier the name of the terminal of arrival and departure!

During your visit to St Petersburg, you will most likely use public transport. But it is precisely upon arrival of the ferry to harbour, that we do not recommend this method. By the way, it is better to refuse this option even when leaving St Petersburg. Why? All piers in St Petersburg, incl ferry terminal, are located far from the metro stations. To get there, you need to use one of the types of land-based public transport. Unfortunately, it is long and uncomfortable.

What to do? Firstly, the ferry company offers a CityBusTour. This is a good option, especially for visa-free passengers. But, if you have a visa (or you do not need a visa), of course, the cost of this service (25EUR/pers) is too expensive. For this price you can order a private transfer (~25EUR per car). And ordinary taxi will be even cheaper! In addition, the CityBusTour has a big drawback. Therefore, save this link, the information may still be useful, even if you bought this tour.
How to order a taxi in Russia without knowing Russian

Here you will find useful information about pre-ordering a taxi. But, just in case, here's a way to take a taxi right on the street if you are rush for boarding. WARNING! Ferry and cruise ports are located nearby, but these are two different locations, make no mistake! If you need a FERRY terminal, show the driver this address. The cost of a trip, even from distant regions of St.P, usually does not exceed 1000 rubles (~15 EUR). Please remember our tips on the dangers of using illegal cabmans.

By default, Ferry Terminal of St Petersburg ('Sea Terminal') and Central district of St Petersburg are listed as the points of departure and destination (private transfer). Replace the data in the form, if necessary. Specify address of your location / your hotel name. If the booking system cannot find your exact address, then first specify in the form the name of the District of St Petersburg as the point of departure or arrival (how to find out the name of the district) and next enter the exact address of departure / arrival in the next step of booking.
Detailed info about 'KiwiTaxi' transfer service

Note. Taxi drivers often confuse the ferry terminal and the cruise port - they are located close to each other. Therefore, just in case, we recommend indicating the exact address of the terminal in the second step of the reservation (copy/paste).

Things to do in St Petersburg Russia. Tourist attractions, museums, sights, landmarks,
Things to do in St Petersburg
We do two most important things to bring home from a trip. Your memories and your photos! The best pictures in your albums are our main mission! Do not spend time searching for a place to take iconic photos. We show you only top spots and specify absolutely exact coordinates! This is all the more useful for you, because this does not always match with the exact location of the sights itself!

Of course, St Petersburg is a city of world famous museums, such as, for example, the Hermitage. It's true. But, who told you that you must always go inside? Think, if you can`t distinguish impressionism from postmodernism and unless going in with a very clear game plan to see very specific works of art, you may leave feeling like you've wasted a lot of time and money. If you have ever been to the Louvre in Paris, then you will understand what it is about.

We, as local residents, advise you not to run from one museum to another (especially if your stay is very short), but to choose one or two attractions per day and what is really interesting for you, not 'must do'. Just walk, go to cafes and restaurants. Believe, this is the best solution! In a word, enjoy life!

Dear Friends! We know everything about our town and are ready to share our little and big secrets! Open the map and detailed manual to see which iconic pictures you can get.
You can follow our list or choose what you like and plan own route!

However, if you want to get exclusive impressions from a trip to St Petersburg, then we are pleased to present you the best personal excursions from GetYourGuide and Viator. Please READ OUR WARNING before any booking! Welcome!
How and where to buy a local Russian prepaid SIM card or cheap smartphone
Call mom!
You may be reading this article at home on a PC or smartphone. But, how you would upload photos to Facebook, videos to Instagram and count likes, while in Russia? Did you think about this? And if you need to find something in Google, urgently order a taxi, or even open our world`s best ☺ online travel guide?

At first, bad news. Roaming in Russia is very expensive. Having made a couple of calls or opening a website, you will spend your usual monthly budget on phone. Therefore, even if you are making a short trip to Russia, we recommend to buy a local SIM card. Hunting Wi-Fi passwords in a cafe is a tedious task, and did you come to Russia for this?

Now about good. We believe that if you plan to travel to Russia, then you will have an extra 10 dollars. This is the maximum price (usually cheaper) you will pay for a prepaid local SIM card with unlimited traffic and hundreds of calls. Agree, this is very small cost to always be in touch.

Unfortunately, there is no SIM card store directly in the ferry terminal, but this is not a problem! And this is our last life-hack for today. We will no longer disturb you with our tips. How and where to buy a Russian SIM card and even an inexpensive smartphone without knowing a word in Russian? Do you see this button below? Click it! Good Luck!
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