Counterfeit money!

Beware of scams!
Never exchange currency in random places! Street traders may give you fake banknotes!
Get cash only at a bank, exchange office or ATM!

In Russia, there are so-called souvenir fake currency, very similar to real banknotes. Most often 1000 and 5000 ruble notes are forged.

Check money you get from random people, such as in taxicabs!

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General information
Please remember! In Russia, you can pay for any purchases in Russian rubles only! Any carriers and sellers never accept cash in dollars (euro). If you`re asked to pay in $/€/£ etс, beware, this is a fraud! Learn more about cash, cards, exchange

Russian currency

Below are the most common banknotes of the Bank of Russia. Sometimes, in cash, relatively rare notes of 5 and 10 rubles. In addition, there are limited series (years 2014 - 2018) of commemorative banknotes of 100 rubles
Below are the most common coins of the Bank of Russia. Coat of arms on coins from 2016 may differ. In addition, there are limited series of commemorative coins
- in the main 10 rubles coins
How to get cash
The best and safe way to obtaining Russian rubles is through ATM cash withdrawals. No need to keep dollars or euros in your pocket and finding an ATM will be very easy. Besides, despite the small fee, the rate of currency issued by the ATM will be the most profitable for you!
Your bank will convert currency into rubles according to the internal rate.

Good tip. Let your bank know before trip in advance that you will be traveling to Russia and set cash out limit.
Currency Exchange
In Russia, US dollars and euros can be exchanged at any bank and exchange point. Other currencies are exchanged only in large offices. To change big sums (over ₽40,000 ~ $600) need to provide your ID. Look for signs 'CURRENCY EXCHANGE' or 'ОБМЕН ВАЛЮТ' - in Russian with current exchange rates for $ and €

Good tips. No exchange your currency at the airport - exchange rate there is not profitable. Never accept the offer of street traders to exchange your money!

Exchange Rates

Calculate the purchase price or amount to exchange. The rate of Central Bank of Russia is indicated. The actual rate may slightly different.
By default, USD and Russian rubles are listed. Replace the data in the form, if necessary.
Useful phrases in Russian
How and where to exchange currency in Russia. Money and payments in Russia. Useful phrases in Russian.
How to ask something in Russian, if you don`t know a single word in Russian? There is an exit! We have collected for you all necessary words and phrases in English and translated them into Russian.

Open the dictionary and click the desired phrase or word. You will see the translation into Russian, as well as the phrase in Russian in Latin letters. Dashes below indicate stress (accent) a certain syllable in a word.

Pay attention to the rules of pronunciation. Transliteration is given for the classical Latin alphabet and does not match with the rules of orthography and pronunciation of English.

If you doubt the correct pronunciation, click on the live audio link in Russian
Link to sound
You will be presented with a short slide show with the correct pronunciation from a native speaker.
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