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to go to the stadium in St Petersburg

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Gazprom Arena, also known as 'Arena Saint Petersburg', 'Krestovsky Stadium' or 'Zenit Arena', is a unique sports facility and an tourist attraction in itself! Today, our city is not only historical palaces, bridges and embankments! It is not at all necessary to be a fan of football or music groups, but if you come to St. Petersburg, you must definitely visit here!
Designed by Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa, the stadium has become one of the most modern sports arenas of the world. It hosted matches of 2018 FIFA World Cup and UEFA EURO 2020 European Championship. Currently, home matches of the Zenit St Petersburg football club are held here, as well as various concerts and shows.
A huge, but at the same time, light stadium, the highest skyscraper in Europe 'Lakhta Center' (Gazprom Tower), the suspension bridge of the high-speed highway against the backdrop of the waters of the Gulf of Finland, together form an fantastic hi-tech architectural ensemble. Take a look at the northern capital of Russia from a new perspective and give yourself an unforgettable experience and many great photos to remember!

And now about the most important! The best pictures in your albums and enjoyment of memories are our main mission! Don`t spend time searching for a place to take iconic photos. We show you only top spots and specify absolutely exact coordinates!
This is very usefully for you, because point for a good shot does not always coincide with the exact location of the attractions themselves! What this mean

SPOILER. The point to get the most famous postcard view of the Gazprom-Arena is not at all near the stadium. And where - even many locals do not know. But you will find out today! And not only this! You will get info:
1) where, with an accuracy of one meter or foot, you will get all best iconic pictures
2) the better ways how to go there
3) how to buy tickets for a match, concert and even exclusive inside stadium tour
4) useful tips and life-hacks

Well, if you are still going to go to the stadium, then the next chapter is for you!
Cheap flights to Russia and St Petersburg
Cheap taxi from airport Saint Petersburg Pulkovo LED to Gazprom Arena stadium
Let`s fly to St Petersburg!
Attention! Select the payment currency/country other than the Russian Ruble/Russia - most likely you will not be able to pay for the ticket, especially for Russia domestic routes, with a non-Russian credit card! In 99% of cases, you will be redirected to the websites of travel agents making cross-border payments with Russia in the national currencies of their countries. Use only this form for each new search! Due to sanctions, almost all other search engines/airline companies do not show flights to or inside Russia.

✅ Be an early bird! If you came to a football match or concert, then your subway train, bus, tram or even taxi must arrive to destination stop no later than 1 hour 30 minutes before the start of the show!

On the days of the top events, the access of any vehicle to the stadium and the surrounding area may be limited or even completely prohibited. Therefore, regardless what type of transport used, next you will have to walk about half an hour.

The security procedure at the gate can also take quite a long time, especially with a large number of visitors. But even when you have passed all the checks, the distance to your seat or place is still quite large - because the stadium is so big!

So, the main rule is 'Come early, and even more earlier is better'. For example, if you want to see a warming-up show or a flag presentation ceremony. But that's not the only reason!

More info about Gazprom Arena

✅ Clothing and shoes. Locals call St. Petersburg the city of rains. This does not mean that this happens 365 days a year, but the probability is quite high. Since the stadium is located on the shore of the bay, strong winds are also not uncommon. Just in case check the weather forecast to understand if you need an umbrella and warm clothes outside the stadium.

✅ Choice of entry gate. FAN ID. Friends! The stadium is really very big, so even after the security line, it will take at least 10-15 minutes to get to your seat. To save time, check your ticket and choose the gate that matches your block (sector).
IMPORTANT! Currently, in order to access football matches of the Russian Championship/Cup, each person, before buying of tickets, must have a E-FAN ID. Unfortunately, the procedure provides for personal presence at one of the accreditation points. Therefore, in fact, visiting these competitions by foreigners is impossible.
To attend other events, incl international matches, concerts, exhibitions, etc this type of e-ID is not required.

✅ Hand luggage. If possible, don`t take items that require inspection as this adds additional time for entry. Important! Any bags, backpacks, packages, etc. cannot exceed size 40 x 40 x 45 cm. If your bag(s) does exceed the stated size, left items in one of the storage rooms. See on the map

✅ Food & Water. A bottle of water and some food in a bag is a good idea for those walking around. However, when entering the stadium, remember that your container or bottle must be of a soft material (not iron or glass) and not exceed 0.5 L in volume. Access directly to the block (sector, dance space) is possible only with non-closable containers, such as paper or plastic cups.

Of course, at the Gazprom Arena and near the stadium you can buy a variety of fast food, snacks, ice cream and drinks. We also recommend stopping by one of the restaurants or bars nearby. On the days of matches or concerts, it is better to book a table in advance. It`s simple. Open the list, choose what suits you best, find website link in the description and make a reservation.
If the website does not have an English page, use an online translator. Just copy and paste the link.

✅ Enjoy life! About 2-3 hrs before the start of the event, different game, creative and other active zones become open for the visitors, where you can put on face paint in colours of the teams, do a hair in style of your idol, play various games, take a photo to remember, buy the fans wear and other souvenirs. Take a walk through the stadium incl visit the upper tiers with a beautiful views. You can also take part in the fan parade (starting from 'Krestovsky Ostrov' subway, usually two hours before the match)

Even when there are no events in the stadium, you can have a great time here, for example, get an exclusive tour inside the stadium (conducted when there are no events only). Very close to Gazprom Arena are one of the largest in Russia water park and extreme amusement park

Do you want to fly in a wind tunnel? And, maybe, on a helicopter and see all the best sights of St. Petersburg from a bird's eye view? It's a two steps from the arena. And right here and now in front of you!
✅ I was here! The two most important things you bring home from a trip are memories and photos. How and where to get a little more much more than other travelers, read below. But even if your phone supplies Insta, WeChat or FB only 'I was here' pictures, it's more correct to take them in the best place for this.

Gazprom Arena is great from everywhere. But before you press the button, you'll notice that somehow the composition of the frame is not quite perfect. Either the stadium is too big, or too small, or there are extraneous structures in the frame. But there is an ideal place and it is here! The long and wide promenade in front of the stadium gives you an excellent backdrop and high-quality photos, both portrait and full-length. Look above (& click to zoom) at the real photos you will receive in this point.

✅ Want to go! Best time? There is probably no need to specially come directly to the stadium, if nothing is happening here. The Russians say that all good things are best seen from a distance. Where exactly - see below. But when?

Well, at any time! Of course, If you came to the stadium because you bought a ticket, you don't choose the date, the time, the weather, or the lighting conditions. But our special recommendation is the time between evening and night, when the stadium lights are already on and the sky is not yet completely dark.

Everyone and always especially advise to visit St. Petersburg during the so-called White Nights period - approx from end of May to the end of July. The best time for romantic walks in summer is early morning, about 4 - 4:30 AM. In the pre-dawn mist, the city looks particularly magical!

In addition, there is another elegant way to see one of the best views in St. Petersburg - book a room with a panorama of the bay and the coastline ↓
Want to see Gazprom Arena
right from your own window?
nothing is easier than to
  • Dear Travelers!
    Due to the sanctions imposed against Russia, most well-known reservation services, including Booking and Airbnb, temporarily do not provide accommodation options in Russia. Therefore, we have replaced them with the best similar Russian services. Read more
Dear travelers! In fact, there are hundreds and thousands of accommodation options. Use SEARCH FORM below.
SEVERAL TIPS. In many places of accommodation with the best location in relation to the stadium or simply in high season, bookings are possible for a minimum of 2 or even 3 nights. Remember this when you see the message 'no places'.

Your adventures at Gazprom Arena will always be amazing, but still a little tiring. It's great when a cozy bed awaits you few steps from the attraction. Moreover, it is not always expensive. You can stay, for example, in a cozy hostel, or in a 'bed & breakfast' type 'bed & breakfast' type hotel.

Is your budget about $100 or more? You will have, at least, an excellent hotel close to the stadium, if you wish, then along with SPA or even water attractions
If the main reason for you is not the proximity to the stadium, but the view from the window, this one, then check aviability for your travel dates also here(choose the river view option!)

Also please don't forget, that on the days of top-rated matches, concerts and just in the high season, placements run out very-very quickly! So why not start planning your trip now? Book your stay with free cancellation option if your travel plans change.

See all available options for your vacation

Where is it on the map?
Gazprom Arena - Saint Petersburg

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the original
St. Petersburg today is not only a historical center. Your impressions of visiting our city without the fantastic high-tech style panorama of coastline, of which the Gazprom Arena and the Gazprom Tower are a part, will be incomplete. Locals call this space 'Our Little Dubai'. And if you are a true traveler, you must see this!

Insert a high capacity memory card into your gadget or take a spare one with you. It's also a good idea to have a power bank in your bag. You will have so many reasons to press the button of your smartphone or camera, which is why very often the battery or free space on the flash drive ends faster than your walk.

But still, where get the main postcard view of the Gazprom Arena, exactly the same as in this picture?
This picture can only be obtained only at one location three places. Yes, exactly! Although the images are very similar, they are actually taken from three completely different locations. They have one attribute in common. It's quite far from the stadium and difficult to get there. A little difficult. But that won't stop you, yeah?

Dear friends! Just in case, we repeat that this chapter is about photography. So not necessarily about the stadium itself. Do not worry! Where to buy tickets or how to get to the stadium, as well as how to find typical places where you can take pictures of it, we will tell below. And we have already told all the main advices for visiting the stadium above.

How to do the right thing if you're a professional photographer or skilled traveler with a DSLR camera, lens set, tripod and on the hunt for high-end stock images?
Definitely, you should choose a shore. At least, one of two
Unfortunately, the full functionality of MY MAPS service from GOOGLE has become unavailable in the application on any mobile devices. Therefore, when you click on Google Maps links, the latter will open in the browser. Please read the instructions for using our maps

The map below is shown to visualize the content we have provided. We recommend using the full screen version of the map

But, highly likely, you are an normal tourist. In this case it is better to buy a boat tour 'Bridges of St Petersburg' and (or) a hydrofoil ship ticket to the Peterhof Fountains. You were planning to go there? From boat deck you will get a lot of great shots. As the Russians say, you can hit two birds with one stone!

Visit Saint Petersburg FC Zenit Arena. Buy ticket. Book a tour.
all shotpoints
We always recommend visiting not only the central streets and squares, and right now you are in such a must-see place! Besides the Gazprom Arena, perhaps the main attraction and symbol of modern St. Petersburg is also the tallest building in Europe (462 m) located here - the Gazprom Tower.

Together with the graceful cable-stayed bridge of the 'Western High Speed Diameter' (ZSD highway) and water area of the Gulf of Finland, a magnificent architectural ensemble and fantastic panoramic views are formed that will take your breath away!

Just make a foot tour around these spaces. Believe us, no museums and monasteries will give you as many impressions and positive emotions as a simple and completely free walk along the embankments of our city! Take a look at map and find out what super photos you can get in this location!

Even if you came just to a match or a concert, find some time to look at the stadium not just as a visitor, but also from other angles. Namely:

a) from the Makarov Embankment (almost all 'stock' pictures)
b) from 'Petrovkaya Kosa' Spit (the best panoramic view)
c) from the beach side (opposite side)
d) and of course from water (deck of the boat)

click the picture to zoom and to read the detailed description
Dear travelers! Our main task is to show you all the great places and excellent angles, of which, in fact, there are hundreds and thousands! We have marked almost all of them on the map, so that you can choose what you like and create your own route.
By the way, we present an unusual travel concept 'don't go inside, stay outside'
This means that we talk more about walking the streets and almost nothing about visiting exhibitions, museums, and generally any buildings. Of course, there are exceptions and places to required visit, but we will definitely tell you where to look!

If time is very short, then a great way to see St. Petersburg, even in one day, is a walk in old town along the embankments between the Palace and Troitsky (Trinity) bridges, as well as along small channels, for example Moyka and Griboyedov. With the obligatory pit stops for lunch, a glass of wine or a cup of coffee in small restaurants!

Even if your stay in St. Petersburg is limited, we still advise you to become a local for some time. A true 'Piterets' (as the residents of St Petersburg call themselves) is never in a hurry. Do the same!
Dear friends!
We try to do everything so that you get the most out of your trip to St. Petersburg, but do not overpay! Therefore, we always advise our guests to discover our beautiful city on their own and, if possible, avoid too template places and stereotyped solutions.

We want you to become not just a tourist, but almost a local, even if only for a couple of days. And for this we`re ready to share everything we know, including our little and big secrets!

To not to waste your precious time, we have collected the best that is in St. Petersburg. Not only what is in the standard guidebooks, but also what not all residents know about.

Always remember that you have a special map and, just in case, a detailed manual on how to use it, in order to understand exactly where and what you can get.

But if you want to get a little more lembas bread, then we are glad to present you the best personal and group excursions from our partners and friends. Both simple sightseeing overviews, if you don't have much time, and exclusive ones

Tickets and Tours

Boat Tours ✦ Sightseeing Tours

purchase a tour » find on map » get there
on the official website all tickets are sold?
Why this company? KASSIR.RU is the largest, well-known and reliable Russian company selling tickets for various events.
Unfortunately, tickets booking form is available only in Russian. But, this is not a problem - we will help you!

First, read the event description. Translate the page into English or another language directly in the browser or using Google Translator - copy and paste the link into field 'RUSSIAN'.

If everything suits you, return to the original page and proceed with purchasing tickets.
Pay attention! You will not be able to complete the booking via translated page! For correct reservation use only the original site in Russian!

Use our detailed instructions for
desktop screens and for mobile devices
Dear Traveler! If you decide to come here, then you are really a real traveler! You made the right decision and we are absolutely sure that you will spend time not in vain. Even when there are no events in the stadium, you can have a great time here, for example, get an exclusive tour inside the stadium (conducted when there are no events only). Very close to Gazprom Arena are one of the largest in Russia water park and extreme amusement park

Do you want to fly in a wind tunnel? And, maybe, on a helicopter and see all the best sights of St. Petersburg from a bird's eye view? It's a two steps from the arena. And right here and now in front of you! But, let us give you one more little piece of advice.

If there is something that needs to be done in St. Petersburg in any case, then of course it is to take a boat tour! For example, highly recommend watch remarkable night event raising of drawbridges. Saint Petersburg, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, is famous for its architecture, which were designed to create the most visual effect primarily from water.

And modern buildings on the coast of the bay are no exception. Take a look at the magnificent waters of the Gulf of Finland, the Gazprom Tower and the Gazprom Arena stadium, as well as all the most important bridges from a new perspective. And this is a great topic even if you are a 'city break' type tourist or just don't have much time. You will see everything at once!

Please note that all the tours below are guaranteed to include views of the Gazprom Arena and the coast of the Gulf of Finland. Not all boat tour routes offered by various carriers have this option. Please read the tour content carefully if you are looking for and booking them yourself! Water excursions are carried out only during the navigation period.
PLEASE NOTE! The organizers of some tours do not have a webpages in English. In fact, this is not a problem, because we are with you! Here we told in detail what to do if you do not know a word in Russian:
Boat tour and Helicopter tour
My dear friend! You are lucky! The pier from which you will go on an exciting excursion (except for speed boat and helicopter tour - it's close to the stadium) is located in heart of the city. Therefore, you can add this tour to a visit the mainly sights of St. Petersburg, such as the Hermitage, the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, St Isaac`s Cathedral, Bronze Horseman and many others. The departure point is located directly at the Palace Bridge, see how you can get there

There are so many jetties in St. Petersburg that wherever you go, you will surely meet it. But our route (the first two offers ↑) starts only from this pier (map) and the number of departures is limited. Also, don`t forget that demand for boat trips in high season is very high. Therefore, pre-booking is the best solution. Incl for a trip on a high-speed private boat and even a helicopter. It's so cool, and the price is not so high!
PAY ATTENTION. No matter, if you will buy any tours now or later, directly at the sale point, we ask you to follow some rules. For your safety and maximum pleasure
  • What is included in the package of a sightseeing tour to Zenit Arena in St. Petersburg
    The package can include various routes and sights, for example only small canals or only main bridges.
    Besides, boat operators offer a variety service bundles from 'only seats' to 'all inclusive'
  • The best excursions to Gazprom Arena stadium in St. Petersburg from a reliable operator
    Don't accept random offers from private boat owners! Remember, in this case, you have neither guarantees to get a quality service, nor guarantees of your safety. We have marked all legal piers with these blue icons
  • Payment methods for tours to Gazprom Arena in St. Petersburg
    Buy tickets only for RUR or by card at the ticket offices or online! Licensed carriers never accept cash in USD/EUR. Refusal payments by card or request for payment in foreign currency is a reason to cancel a purchase
  • Boat tour near Saint Petersburg stadium for foreigners in English or with audio guide in English
    There are special tours for foreigners, but it is more expensive than for locals. Save money and buy a tour with audio guide in English on board or only in Russian, using our English audio guide
But that's not all! We and our partners can offer you not only the best of the standard programs. For example, visa-free packages for cruise passengers, both inexpensive, shore entry vouchers and bundles that include any set of services of your choice.

Here you will also find something unusual and unique that other agencies do not have.

What can you say, for example, about to ascend to the rooftop of building in historic center to see the lights of the city at evening, about kayak tour on canals in old town, or flying over St Petersburg by helicopter or airplane?
Amazing adventures for new experiences
Dear travelers! We want your trip to Russia to be one of the best. Expensive doesn't always mean good. Therefore, we not only select the best for you, but also try to save your money.

If possible, we provide direct links to purchase admission vouchers and transport tickets without commission. For example, seats on hydrofoils to Peterhof and for entrance tickets to Catherine Palace

Also, we present a variety of tours and excursions offered on four platforms for travelers, that are partners with our your Russia online guide.
Here, entrance and other tickets, if included in the guided tour, may cost a little more. However, in most options this will avoid queues and save time. Time is more valuable than money!

Please note that Tripster and Sputnik are travel agencies mainly for Russians. Therefore, Sputnik website have a limited English page, and Tripster only have a Russian-language version. On the one hand, this is a problem, but on the other hand, it is a chance to get something really unusual and unique.

How to choose and book a tour if you do not know a word of Russian? We will help you! Just click here to get a detailed manuals for each tour seller.

In any case, when choosing a tour or excursion, we advise you to pay attention to the rating of the organizer and the number of reviews. And please remember this warning before any booking!

  • Modern St Petersburg sightseeing city tour
    Sputnik is not only the well-known Russian vaccine against COVID-19. It is also a popular travel agency among Russians. Many offers from just entrance tickets to sightseeing helicopter tours.
  • Things to do in Saint Petersburg. FC Zenit Stadium on Krestovsky Island. Gazprom Tower. Lakhta Center
    One of the best Russian agencies offer non-standard author's excursions and unusual tours. Want to see something from a new perspective, visit a flea markets, walk on rooftops, and even fly an airplane? It's here!
Events in St Petersburg
Buy cheap train tickets to Saint Petersburg Russia
How to get to St Petersburg Russia by train
How to get to the Gazprom Arena Stadium in Saint Petersburg by public transport - Subway, Underground, Metro, Bus
How to order a taxi to the Gazprom Arena. Request a taxicab in Saint Petersburg. How to call a taxi in Russia

How do I get to
the Gazprom Arena Stadium

▼ go fast to ▼
why & when » find on map » faq
Please note that in this section we tell you about the transport accessibility exactly of the stadium. Information on how to get to the point where you can take the best photos of the Gazprom Arena is on each card for a particular picture

Choose the mode of transportation that suits you best. You can combine them without any problems! But please remember, public transport does not operate at night, about from midnight till 5:40 AM. Sometimes, if a match or concert finishes quite late, the subway work hours can be extended.
At any time, except at night, the subway is the fastest and most convenient way to get to any point of the city. Use the indicated stations as destinations of your journey.

Using the metro, in 15 minutes you will get from here to the heart of the city, where you will see all the main avenue, square and tourist attractions of St Petersburg, for example Nevsky Prospekt, Palace Square & Hermitage, St Isaac`s Cathedral and many others!

Click the station name or clock to get detailed information about the particular underground stop.
On event days, if a match/concert finishes quite late, opening hours can be extended.
Please check info with the event organizer
Please note! Access to the metro stations in St Petersburg is open about from 05:40 till ..
a) about 00:30 - for stations in city center
b) till midnight - for stations in other parts of the city
Click the station name to get the exact schedule

Change of lines is possible only until 00:15
Create your ride route on an interactive metro map (enter or click the name of the departure and destination stations)
More information about public transport of St Petersburg
On any dates, incl when there are no matches or concerts at the Gazprom Arena, we recommend getting to the stadium by subway (click on the METRO tab). During the daytime, it will definitely be faster (and cheaper!) than any ground transportation option.

PAY ATTENTION! Only on the dates of top football matches or concerts (always check with the organizer of the event!), shuttle buses serve special routes between stadium and several metro stations ↓

If a match/concert ends too late, the operating hours of subway stations (click clock icon) and special shuttle buses may be extended.
The operating time of such temporary routes is 3 hours before the start of the event
and 3 hours after the actual end of the event.
Please note! Access to the metro stations in St Petersburg is open about from 05:40 till ..
a) about 00:30 - for stations in city center
b) till midnight - for stations in other parts of the city
Click the station icon/name to get the schedule

Change of lines is possible only until 00:15
Create your ride route on an interactive metro map (enter or click the name of the departure and destination stations)
More information about public transport of St Petersburg
Please note! Public land (ground) transport in St Petersburg works about from 5:30 AM till midnight. To find out the schedule and get direction, we recommend using Yandex Route Planner - click bus stop icons or specify points on the map

To get more information about public transport in St Petersburg click here
What you need to know about taxi in Russia and how to order a ride without knowing Russian

1) Try to learn Russian language or..
2) Read this manual
3) Book an inexpensive private transfer
You need the address
In Russian -
in Latin letters -

How to say in Russian correctly?
Live sound is here
NOTE. On days of very important events (check with the organizer), vehicle access to the area around the stadium may be limited or completely prohibited. In this case, do not use points near the stadium as departure/arrival points!
Taxi is the best way to travel, when travel by public transport is not optimal or not available. If you follow the safety rules and our recommendations, it will be easy and inexpensive.
But it should be remembered that by day traffic in St Petersburg can be very dense, so if possible, we recommend that you use the metro for travel through city in the daytime.

There are two ways to get a car. Request a regular taxi or order a private transfer
Compare and choose what suits you.
Do you want to know absolutely everything about taxi in Russia? We have written a large and very useful article especially for you!
get to Palace Bridge in St Petersburg with taxi
Request a taxicab
Request Uber Taxi from the Krestovsky FC Zenit Arena Stadium in St Petersburg
Hi! We are 99% sure that in your country you use a mobile app to call a taxi. In Russia, you can do this as easily and simply as at home. Therefore, we strongly recommend downloading and using the Russian equivalent of the Uber app - YandexGo.

If you have used Uber before, then you can already order a taxicab in Moscow, St. Petersburg and many other cities without our tips.
Download and install YandexGo just now!
How to install and set up YandexGo app
How to order a ride with YandexGo app
All you need to know about Taxi in Russia
YandexGo (or YandexTaxi) is the largest and most well-known aggregator of licensed taxi carriers in Russia and in the countries of the former USSR. So, even if you place an order in the YandexGO application, it is likely that you will get a car with the logo of another carrier or even an unbranded car. This is a normal situation.

In 2018, Yandex and the Russian division of Uber created a joint company and combined the software on one platform. That is why ordering a taxi in Russia will seem so simple, familiar and understandable to you!

In our travel guide, for any transport terminal or landmarks of each city, in addition to instructions on how to get there by public transport, we will provide a link to the YandexGo
By clicking these buttons, your device will open the application immediately (if installed), indicating the desired point as the destination or departure of your choice.

Don`t forget to allow an app or website to track your location to quickly find pick-up point. Change the origin or destination if necessary. If you want to specify a location on the map, move the map, but not the location icon.

Well.. Let`s go! Right now request a..
Creating an order by pressing the button above implies that a taxi will take you to the parking lot at the Sibur Arena, which is located directly at the main entrance to the Gazprom Arena (tribune / sector C), to this point
For your convenience, we have also created links to ready-made routes from Gazprom Arena stadium to transport hubs (incl subway stations) that are used by the vast majority of tourists.

Back to the choice of mode of transport
Near popular tourist attractions, there are often several taxis waiting for customers. So if you see a taxicab right in front of you, especially if you don't have the app on your phone yet, you can take a taxi just here. BUT!!!

Also often, there are a lot of illegal cabmans among taxi drivers. Therefore, agree on the price (in rubles!!!) of the trip in advance! Any time do not agree for a price of more than 500 rubles for short routes (for example, to the metro). We strongly do not recommend ordering trips over long distances without a mobile application - you will definitely be deceived!

Local taxi drivers often do not accept bank cards for payment - please, prepare cash in advance.

Use our useful dictionary as well as the following phrases:

I need to get to.. (+address) -
MNE NUZHNA DA.. (+address)
let's go to.. (subway)! -
DA.. (metro)!

The rules of Russian pronunciation

See also How to buy a Russian SIM card
to not overpay for calls and internet connection

Back to the choice of mode of transport
get to Gazprom Arena Stadium in St Petersburg with taxi
Order a transfer
Order a private transfer to Gazprom Arena Stadium in Saint Petersburg
How else to order a ride from the airport, train station or to tourist attraction without knowing Russian? Simply book a private transfer!

The advantages of this type of transportation are - no stress and no problems with language, price is known in advance. And believe or check out - it's not expensive at all! The car will be waiting for you in the right place at the right time. If necessary, your personal driver will be expecting you, holding a banner with your name.

You can book a ride with any service level - incl luxury car, transfer for the family with children or economy minivan for a tourist group for full day . The cost is fixed at the time of pre-order and never rises - either when the driver is waiting for the passenger, when the stop is necessary, or because of traffic jams.

Our choice and recommendation is KIWITAXI. This is the best company in Russia providing shuttle services. By the way, reservation a ride with KiwiTaxi is available in almost any country. Remember this on your next trip!
This is an honest guide. Therefore, we do not recommend this service if your place of accommodation (or just pick-up point) is close to the Gazprom Arena. In this case, it is much more better to order a regular taxi. But but if the distance is quite large, for example, departure point is airport or train stations, then a private transfer is really a convenient and profitable option.

The Gazprom Arena is located directly on the border of the Primorsky and Petrogradsky administrative districts of St Petersburg. But the real location of the stadium formally is in the Petrogradsky district. Therefore in the search form below, by default, Petrogradsky District of Saint Petersburg is listed as the point of destination.

Why not the exact address, but the name of the district? The point is that a private transfer service is not a taxi. Therefore, the company's server contains the address base of only the largest and most popular objects among potential passengers. But this does not mean that you cannot order a transfer exactly where you want. Read how to do this right here and now!

So, enter the starting and ending points of your route. Replace the data or direction in the form below, if necessary. First, try to specify exact address of your location / your hotel name. And if the booking system cannot find your place, then specify in the form the name of the District of St Petersburg as the point of departure or arrival.

If you are not sure or don't know, then this is not a problem! Just find and click this point on the map, copy the coordinates and paste into the booking form. The system itself will understand which area you are looking for. Or do it like this
Next, enter the exact address of departure / arrival on the second step of booking. In this case, one of the points is Futbolnaya Alleya, 8, exit from the parking - GPS 59.970611, 30.229028
(or in Russian - Футбольная аллея, 8, выезд с парковки - GPS 59.970611, 30.229028 - copy/paste).

NOTE. Make no mistake! If you order a transfer by entering this address, your driver will be waiting for you at this point. On days of very important events (check with the organizer), vehicle access to the stadium may be limited or completely prohibited. In this case, use addresses outside Krestovsky Island as departure/arrival points!

See how to correctly fill out the reservation form and check prices for almost all transfer routes to Gazprom Arena. Have questions? Answers are here

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